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Research Resources

Changing our future through research.

The ADA is committed to innovation and breakthrough research that will improve the lives of all people living with diabetes.

ADA Research: Science. Progress. Hope.

ADA research provides critical funding for diabetes research. With 100% of donations directed to research, our goal is to ensure adequate financial resources to support innovative scientific discovery that will translate to life-changing treatments and eventual cures.

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96% of our funded researchers remain dedicated to careers in diabetes science

5.5 publications per grant, cited an average of 28 times, proving expertise and credibility 

Every $1 the ADA invests in diabetes research leads to $12.47 in additional research funding


ADA research impact

Explore some of the latest innovations and discoveries and see how the ADA continues to advance science, leverage investments and retain scientists.

Research funds at work

Imagine what 290 scientists, each working on a unique project at 117 institutions across the U.S. can do. Learn about the research we fund to move the diabetes fight forward.

Helping people thrive

Uncover inspiring patient stories and find out how our research is transforming lives.

Learn about Research Programs.

Discover programs on research, career development, training, and more.

Apply for a grant.

Learn more about the current opportunities for 2019 funding.

Pathway to Stop Diabetes®

A bold initiative dedicated to bringing 100 brilliant scientists to diabetes research.