Diabetes and high blood pressure are the most common causes of CKD. Find helpful ways to lower your risk and prevent CKD.

Know Your Risk for Kidney Disease

Measuring Kidney Function and the Five Stages of Kidney Disease

Your GFR measures kidney health. It’s used by kidney doctors to understand what stage of CKD you may have. Learn more about GFR and the five stages of kidney disease and find healthy actions that may prevent CKD.

Healthy Living Tips

Important Diabetes Health Checks

Important Diabetes Health Checks

Get more information about the numbers and goals needed to manage your diabetes so you can continue to keep your kidneys healthy.

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Simple Steps to Increase Movement

It’s best to break up longer periods of sitting with some short, fun, and simple mini exercise breaks every thirty minutes. When you’re actively preventing diabetes-related kidney problems, it’s important to keep your body strong.

Access Diabetes Food Hub

Discover new ways to be smarter about food with Diabetes Food Hub. Find kidney-friendly recipes, a personalized grocery list, and plan meals to make sure everything you eat is helping to keep your kidneys healthy.


Get Connected to Local Support

Get the resources you need to manage your kidney health. Use the social care network from Aunt Bertha to get help and connect with professionals in areas of health care, nutrition, mental health, transportation, and so much more.

Nutritional Info for Favorite Foods

Smarter food options can help lower your risk of kidney damage. Use this simple tool to find nutrition information on the foods you love.

Delicious Kidney-Friendly Meals

Make your own healthy meals with the aim of caring for your kidneys and reduce the risk of complications.

Preparing for Physical Activity

Find new ways to become physically active and start enjoying the benefits of exercise as you continue to protect your kidneys.

Find Inspiration from Others

Learn about other people that know what you’re going through on your journey with diabetes. Read Erica’s story for new motivation to thrive.

Discover Injury-Free Exercise Tips

Physical activity is important, but it needs to be safe. Learn how to minimize your risk of injury as you work hard to keep your kidneys healthy.

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Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking can be a challenge, but the benefits are worth it. If you are living with diabetes and want to protect your kidneys, this is an essential prevention strategy.

Risk Factors

People living with diabetes, high blood pressure, or a history of kidney disease could be at risk for developing chronic kidney disease. Learn about how to prevent or delay CKD.

Dining Out Tips

You can take care of your kidneys AND eat out and enjoy a nice meal. Learn which foods to order when you eat out and enjoy the flavors of a kidney-friendly meal.