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The American Diabetes Association provides support for healthy living. Helping individuals and families achieve and maintain healthy weight is critical to health.
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Obesity is linked to 200 medical conditions besides type 2 diabetes and cancer, including kidney failure, heart disease, stroke, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, and increased depression. ADA has created programs to help people achieve and maintain healthier lives. We hope you use our resources, recipes and tools to help you achieve a healthier you.

ADA Healthy Living

Diabetes can impact many areas of your life, which is why the American Diabetes Association (ADA) wants to empower you to live your best, healthy life! This monthly e-newsletter will provide the information you need to better manage your diabetes, from ways to eat better to tips on being more active to ideas for losing weight and much more. You can live well with diabetes and the ADA is here to support you every step of the way. Sign up today for this free e-newsletter resource!
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ADA Project Power

The American Diabetes Association's Project Power is an initiative with the aim to help adults and youth raise diabetes awareness and offers diabetes risk reduction education.
In partnership with CVS Health, Project Power is on a mission to tackle this epidemic. As a no-cost lifestyle change program, Project Power tackles prediabetes and type 2 diabetes to help reduce its consequences. Using an outcomes-based curriculum, the program promotes making healthy food choices, increasing physical activity, and building family and peer support.
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Obesity Impacts Communities of Color

Obesity and diabetes chronically impact Hispanic and Black communities more than other populations with almost 50 percent of black adults and over 45 percent of Hispanic adults having obesity. These trends continue with children with over 26 percent of Hispanic and over 24 percent of Black children having obesity. Prevalence for obesity is highest amongst families with the lowest incomes.
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Diabetes Food Hub®

Diabetes Food Hub® is a one-stop-shop for making easy, diabetes-friendly recipes. There are a wide variety of cuisines, flavors, and meals to choose from and you can sort based on dietary restriction like low carb, low sodium, and chronic kidney disease Create a free account to save your favorite recipes, use the weekly meal planner, and create a grocery list. Let’s get cooking!
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