Obesity Advocacy

Obesity Advocacy

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Achieving and maintaining healthy weight can be a challenge.
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Addressing the obesity epidemic recognizes the barriers and social determinants faced by many to achieve healthy living. Obesity disease treatment requires a person-centered approach. Research has shown that long-term weight management can be achieved by using effective medical treatments for obesity. Most people lack access to these necessary services and treatments to help achieve healthy weight and living.

    Obesity Treatment Access Policy Focus Areas:

    • Expand access to and funding for diabetes prevention, research, and evidence-based support programs.
    • Support access to medically appropriate healthy and nutritious foods and meals—especially for those who are economically disadvantaged.
    • Support access to safe places to exercise and recreate. 
    • Improve access to comprehensive medical treatment for the chronic disease of obesity including intensive lifestyle modifications (nutrition counseling, physical activity, and behavioral change), anti-obesity medications, and bariatric surgery. 
    • Eliminating burdensome requirements and barriers to access, such as requiring prior authorization, like step therapy.
    • Ensure patient and provider-centered choices for obesity programs and treatments. Choice should be individualized based on patient’s needs, requirements, skill level, and availability of programs.
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