CKD Management

Know the Stages of Chronic Kidney Disease

Know the Stages of Chronic Kidney Disease

Learn more about the stages of CKD and find strategies to slow the progression of symptoms related to CKD.

Tips for People Newly Diagnosed

Finding out you have kidney disease can be difficult to process. But making the right choices now can help you delay further kidney problems while letting you do what you love most.

Understanding a Kidney-Friendly Diet

Eating right when you have kidney disease is an important part of treating your condition. Get to know the basics of a kidney diet.

Better Diabetes Management

Know Your Terms

Goals are important for good kidney health and delaying or preventing further kidney damage. Learn the terms and tests associated with good kidney health and make new goals to help you thrive.

Top food for your kidneysTop food for your kidneys


Diabetes and Mental Health

Gain a better understanding of your emotional wellness. This will help you continue your journey of living with diabetes and managing your kidney health.

Important Diabetes Health Checks

Get more information about the numbers and goals needed to keep your diabetes in check so you can continue to manage your health.

Balance Work and Life Better

Meeting the needs of your job and your body are easier with the right help. Connect with a Transition Smart advocate to help you navigate work and insurance.

Preparing for Physical Activity

Find new ways to be physically active and start enjoying the benefits of exercise as you continue to manage your kidney health.

Access the Diabetes Food Hub

Discover new ways to be smarter about food with Diabetes Food Hub. Find kidney-friendly recipes, a personalized grocery list, and plan meals to make sure everything you eat is helping to protect your kidneys.

How to Choose a Kidney Doctor

A nephrologist is a doctor that specializes in kidney health. Discover what to look for to get the support and comfort you need.

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Get Inspired

Learn about other people that know what you’re going through as you manage chronic kidney disease. Read Tiffani’s story for new motivation to thrive.

Risk Factors

People living with diabetes, high blood pressure, or a history of kidney disease could be at risk for developing chronic kidney disease. Learn about how to prevent or delay CKD.

Local Support

Get the resources you need to manage your kidney health. Use the social care network from Aunt Bertha to get help and connect with professionals in areas of health care, nutrition, mental health, transportation, and so much more.