Become an Advocate

Cork board with yellow post-it notes explaining why people are diabetes advocates

Become an Advocate

Use your voice to help people with diabetes thrive. Stand up for diabetes research and programs, health care, insulin affordability, diabetes prevention and help support people living with and impacted by diabetes everyday—until we find a cure. 

By signing up as a Diabetes Advocate you can:

  • Learn about the latest news from Capitol Hill and state capitals affecting people living with and at risk for diabetes.
  • Access easy-to-understand resources to learn more about how the American Diabetes Association’s advocacy efforts are bending the curve and helping people with diabetes thrive.
  • Plug into information about local community events and how you can get more involved.

The communications you will receive provide an opportunity for everyone who wants to raise their voice on behalf of those living with and impacted by diabetes. By becoming a Diabetes Advocate, you are helping to build an advocacy movement to support key diabetes priorities in Congress, state legislatures and legal advocacy. There’s nothing more powerful than the collective voice of our Diabetes Advocates—join us today!


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