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The 1940 Leadership Giving Society

One vital group of committed donors has the power to change everything.

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Generosity in Action

Named in honor of the founding year of the American Diabetes Association (ADA), the 1940 Leadership Giving Society is a donor recognition program of dedicated, like-minded individuals whose consistent and repeated generosity fuels the mission of the ADA.

All individual donations are considered, per year, as qualifying contributions to be considered for Society levels.

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Making a Difference

Since 1940, research funded by the ADA has driven advances in diabetes care, from new medicines and diagnostic advances such as blood glucose meters, to treatment approaches and tools like pumps and continuous glucose monitors (CGMs). These discoveries—combined with the generous support of individual donors—have made it possible for the ADA to contribute to the goal to improve the lives of those affected by diabetes.

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If you’ve been supporting the ADA through local events and donations, you may be closer to joining the 1940 Society than you think. Consider becoming a member to gain:

  • Enhanced access to ADA leadership and volunteers
  • Unique connectivity to other like-minded individuals
  • Access to exclusive events, insider communications, and more!

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